About Me

About MeMost of my art originates from ideas from my little brain but I'm happy to work with clients on a commission basis to produce something that reflects their personality and needs too - it's always exciting to collaborate!

I am a visual artist living and working in Leeds. I did access to HE and FE in Art and Design at Leeds College of Art and Design a few years ago and have been developing my practice ever since. I am constantly producing new work and developing pieces in my head (it’s like an addiction!) My work is abstract and inspired by my surroundings, colour and basic pattern. As well as using colour, I investigate how simple shapes create texture and movement through repetition and combination. I try to convey energy using these and patterns that are sourced through meditative and visionary techniques as well as patterns seen in nature. It is a result of my background in Biological Sciences and Psychology as well as observations on life and how many things in nature mirror/represent the human ‘condition’ and the expression of emotion.

My artistic influences are visionary artists such as Bruce Rimell, modernists such as Brice Marden, and Frank Stella, Abstract Expressionists such as Mark Rothko and Op Artists such as Bridget Riley. Also Outsider Artists such as David Shrigley.

I use acrylic paint and small brushes and/or marker pens on paper or canvas to create colourful, detailed images on A2 or smaller size but I do use other media as and when it is appropriate.

I use various methods to develop my work – sometimes I can visualise the whole image while at other times I start with a small doodle and develop from there, working freely, relying on my subconscious. These methods produce unique pieces with a personal outlook and are often expressive of my feelings/observations on life which I think have a universality that others can relate to.